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Moved famous jewelry boutique

The glow of the house of Chaumet more than two hundred years adorned the Place Vendome, and now will share its light with the residents and guests of the Left Bank of Paris. The house of Chaumet on Place Vendome in Paris will temporarily become empty. But the Paris hotel on Boulevard Saint-Germain, 165, will… Read More »

New boutique from the famous delirium conquers the sea

Finally, a queue reached Singapore and there recently opened a well-known Bvlgari store in wide circles. The audience was delighted.The history of the Bvlgari trademark dates back to the distant 1900s, when, five years after the beginning of the twentieth century, Santorio Bvlgari opened his first store in Italy. Since then, the quality of goods,… Read More »

Amber Launge at the Singapore Grand Prix surpassed itself!

The Formula One Grand Prix is ​​one of the most exciting events in Singapore’s annual events. And the indescribable atmosphere of glamor and luxury is created by the world-famous closed events of Amber Launge. This weekend of the “Formula 1” 2018 in Singapore once again proved that the Amber Launge parties are the most interesting… Read More »

The founder of the most global online store on Earth Amazon Jeff Bezos has become the richest man in modern history

In the summer of 2018, Jeff Bezos’s total fortune exceeded $ 150 billion, which is $ 54.7 billion more than Bill Gates! How it happened read on: For the first time the idea of creating an online store for the sale of books came up with Jeffrey Bezos in 1994. In his garage at home,… Read More »

Creativity – the last refuge of the indispensability of man machine was shaken

The picture “written” by artificial intelligence was first sold at auction for 432 thousand dollars! During the bidding price of the canvas increased 45 times. At the auction at Christieʼs in New York, they sold the painting “The Portrait of Edmond Belamy” (2018), created using artificial intelligence. The canvas went under the hammer for 432 thousand… Read More »

Five ways to please your beloved on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s holiday is coming and it means it’s time to choose gifts! After all, a gift is not just a tribute to tradition. It is an opportunity to express your love, friendship, affection, or just a good attitude towards people dear and close to your heart. But often there is a problem with the choice… Read More »

A new fragrance store by Christian Dior has been opened

The famous fashion house opens its doors to residents and guests of Singapore. Immerse yourself in the world of enchanting aromas in Changi Airport Terminal 3’s Transit Hall. Crossing the threshold of the boutique, you find yourself in the world of high fashion and exquisite luxury. The store’s design creates a unique feeling of coziness… Read More »